One Thing at a Time

The corona-era has effected the productivity of the most of the people I know.

Having a lot of free time might make us think that we are a joker in the circus juggling tons of balls with the utmost ease but believe me, you aren’t that joker.

Have to do multiple things at the same time just leaves you confused and worst, you start procrastinating and get nothing done!

Here’s a very interesting concept called SDR (Single Daily Action) which asks you to set just one goal which you want to accomplish in the day.

You don’t have to do just one thing but clear out and decide the most important thing that has to worked upon in the day.

This way, you are eating the monster and then you can break the goal into smaller to-do’s (or the bite sized pieces so you can eat the monster more easily).

The idea behind this concept says that our brain gets tired looking at an unrealistically long list of things to do and deep down you know that everything can’t be done.

Moreover, isn’t it just as lot less burden and stress to know exactly what has to be done. Keeping things clear and simple is the key!

Actionable and things that can be done in a small amount of time helps you to live in the present so you aren’t stressed about something that has to be done in a few days or few weeks.

If you’re struggling with a long de-moralizing to-do list, I invite you today to adopt Single Daily Action and do just one thing at a time.